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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Jeff Gets COVID-19 Test & Movie: Raya and the Last Dragon

Aloha Everyone,

This morning, promptly at 8:00 am, Maria Victoria, a nurse and her son, Daniel sent by Dr. Espinosa came to our hotel to conduct COVID-19 test on Jeff, as required by the US first port of entry.

They donned protective gowns, helmets, masks and gloves and conducted their business in an extremely professional manner.

Not an ideal way to spent the last weekend in Quito for Jeff, but due to a total lockdown, we are unable to go out.

Jeff invited me to go to his room to watch one of Disney’s animation fantasy, Raya and the Last Dragon. The fantasy world of Kumandra is set somewhere in Southeast Asia. Based on architecture and clothings, Jeff and I figured the artistic director must have gotten inspiration from Thai, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia or Vietnam cultures (Southeast Asia) excluding the Philippines.

Storyline was a classic Disney production but now focusing more on strong, capable, independent female central characters.  

What I enjoyed most was the time Jeff and I spent together.  It reminded me of the days when the two of us worked together in Hawaii and would take off In between client meetings to treat ourselves to a movie matinee.

Jeff’s COVID-19 test result is negative. He is ready to return to Hawaii on Tuesday.

Aloha -- Cathi