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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Jeff Is Safely Back in Hawaii

Aloha Everyone,

Jeff is back in Honolulu. In his email written en route home from the airport, Jeff wrote, “This Uber driver is staying in his lane... I miss our crazy Uber drivers in Ecuador that straddle the lane and drive like race driver... I would have been home 10 minutes ago.”

J.J. is gaining his strength everyday. Our plan is to remain in Quito for three more weeks before flying to Cuenca for 11 days. The two of us are maintaining a slow pace for now and limiting ourselves to doing one major activity per day. There are three international class malls in Quito. That is where I do my walking while J.J. enjoys a cup of coffee.

I am having my health check-up by Dr. Espinosa who sent his lab technicians to do my blood works. This morning he visited us at our hotel to review test results with me. Overall, I am in good health.

Today’s J.J.’s lunch choice was Hawaiian-style poke. He thought the quality was good. I had a vegetarian wrap. Not very exciting, but I am trying to concentrate my protein intake to plant based and reduce carbohydrates to improve my next lab tests to be scheduled just before we return to the USA at the end of June.

Aloha -- Cathi