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Friday, May 21, 2021

Cathi’s Solo Adventure Walks

Aloha Everyone,

At a quarter past six, I decided to take a brisk walk to Alameda Park to stretch my legs. As usual, it was a crisp and cool morning with diesel and gas fumes not yet polluting the air quality. Taxis and busses wizzing by without minding signal lights, bikers or pedestrians. It can be a dangerous time if you are not careful.

My second adventure walk was to a fruit shop located about two city blocks from our hotel, I made a purchase of two turnips and 5 limes.

My third solo outing was to Suvlaki Greek Restaurant located about 1/2 city block from the hotel. The proprietress, Adriana is outgoing, friendly and has exceptional customer service. She is Ecuadorian and her husband, a Greek manages two highly popular restaurants. Adriana mentioned that she lived in Thessaloniki, a beautiful port city in the Gulf of the Aegean Sea.

The grilled chicken and pita bread for J.J. plus an enormous and authentic Greek salad we shared were delicious.

Overall, today was an enjoyable day. We find in South & Central America and in Mexico, there is prevalent “hasta mañana” (until tomorrow) attitude. There are many exceptions of course, like our doctors and hotel staff, who are very prompt and professional.

When J.J. and I went to pick up my shoes this afternoon, without apology he told me that my shoes will be ready tomorrow at 10:00 am. The two of us are slightly skeptical.

Aloha -- Cathi