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Monday, May 3, 2021

J.J. is on “Regular” Diet

Aloha Everyone,

J.J.’s surgeon instructed the cafeteria staff that he is to be served “regular” food.

His breakfast of black tea with sugar and nondescript sweet purée fruits was not too exciting. J.J.’s lunch and dinner were equally unimaginative of boiled chicken with all flavors removed, mashed potatoes, sweet fruits juice, peach or apple sauce and clear soup. Jeff joked that if J.J.’s hospital food are tasty and beautifully presented, he might not be so eager to eat the outside food :-)

J.J. is looking forward to eating Japanese Sushi. Sushi from Kobe restaurant were delivered to us via Uber Eats: This restaurant is rated one of top for sushi: it seems that Ecuadorean Sushi are fried: Jeff thought that ramen was tasty and passable but it arrived luke warm since there was a 20 minutes gap from the time the Uber Eats driver picked it up from the restaurant to handed the package to Jeff.

I dropped my iPhone in JJ’s hospital room and it is totally shattered: Until Jeff helps me figure a way to purchase a replacement iPhone and transferred the SIM card so I can continue using my AT&T phone services, I will have no WiFi phone access nor text messaging capabilities.

Fortunately, Jeff installed my personal email account to my iPad so  we could send and receive messages.

Aloha -- Cathi