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Thursday, May 20, 2021

In Pursuit of El Zapato Remendon

Aloha Everyone,

My new pair of walking shoes are giving me pains. Due to my high arch I always wear New Balance Rubix. Fortunately I kept my old pair of shoes with worn out heels just in case my new stylish pairs do not fit well.

El Zapato Remendon (The Shoe Repair Shop) is located just 12 minutes walking distance from our hotel. It has a decent website with 5 stars rating. J.J. convinced me that it would be too far for us to walk.

A taxi driver took us to a dilapidated building and pointed that the shop I am looking for is through the unmarked door. Obscure and uninviting, I cautiously entered with J.J. right behind me. There were 3 men inside a 5’ x 10’ cubicle with lots of shoes, leathers and antiquated equipment. One of them examined my shoes, told us he can replace the heels and they will be ready by tomorrow afternoon. The cost is $4.  If the old pairs of shoes serve me for the remainder of our stay in Ecuador, I would be very happy. There is never a dull moment with life in Quito. The repair shop is literally a hole in the wall.

Spaghetti alla Vongole for J.J. and garden salad for me at a now familiar Italian restaurant at El Jardin Mall.

I think my breakfast was a little more Interesting.

Aloha -- Cathi