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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

J.J.’s Staples Removed

Aloha Everyone,

Dr. Espinosa came to the hotel to remove the 24 staples and change the dressing on the two drain holes.

To celebrate this new achievement, J.J. and I went to get our manicure and pedicure. The salon we chose is located in the El Jardin Mall. It is a fashionable establishment. We were invited to sit in a thick cushioned chair with our feet soaked in a warm crystal lined basin with assortments of colored powders.

When I took J.J.’s photo at lunch, he looked happy and relaxed and uttered, “I really can get used to this lifestyle.”

For dinner, we did a Chinese takeout from a restaurant located just one and a half city blocks from our hotel. No UberEats service here. 

Steam dumpling and beef with broccoli were surprisingly delicious. Perhaps because the food did not have to travel far to get to our dinner table.

We completed today’s sumptuous dinner with a layered chocolate cake from our hotel’s pastry shop which the three of us shared.

Aloha -- Cathi