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Monday, May 17, 2021

Jeff’s Final Day in Quito

Aloha Everyone,

Jeff and I went to a large Botanical Garden in La Carolina Park. After paying $5 entrance fees for two adults, the staff lent us an 8x10” size laminated map with instruction to follow the green arrows stamped on the ground.

Occasionally, Jeff and I saw gardeners hidden amidst tropical plants but otherwise, we felt as if we stepped in the Amazon Cloud forest. Running water, ponds and a meditation tent added to the mystical and silent world of bright colors and amazing sizes, shapes adopted to the environment.

Jeff was the first to spot the Ecuadorian long-tailed Hummingbirds with iridescent colors that appear to change as the angle of illumination changes. They are shy and too fast to capture with my iPhone. But the fleeting blurred image was a moment I will treasure.

After spending about 40 minutes, we returned to El Jardin Mall to join J.J. for lunch at Bocatti de Florentino where we enjoyed authentic Italian dishes.

Purchase of walking shoes to replace the ones I wore out was one more activity we squeezed in this Jeff’s final day in Quito.

Aloha -- Cathi