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Saturday, May 22, 2021

A Day of Gratitude

Aloha Everyone,

Today was a better day for J.J. He was able to walk nearly 6 city blocks without being winded. The two of us enjoyed lunch at Souvlaki restaurant.

My walking shoes are repaired, and they are good as new. The total cost came out to $4 for the repair and $5 x 3 taxi rides inclusive of tips which exceed the fares. On a number of blog sites, Americans are discouraged from tipping more than 10%. But to show our appreciation for exceptional service, we tip generously.

Benjamín and Regina, from Atlanta, GA, were part of the latest tour headed for the Galapagos Islands. Our conversation began when Benjamin asked where I got the tomatoes that were on my plate. Having been living at this hotel for 5 weeks does have its advantages. Dining room staffs know us and prepare special plates of boiled eggs for me often decorated with tomato slices.

Benjamin is a medical attorney who defends patients who were denied by their insurance companies. Regina is a medical doctor. He was extremely interested in learning about J.J.’s medical emergency in Quito including quality of treatments he received and what were the costs.

And finally, Dr. Criatian Pérez, the radiologist and his mobile ultrasound equipment who gave me a clean bill of health.

With so many wonderful and interesting people crossing our paths and enlightening our way, JJ and I are very grateful.

Aloha -- Cathi