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Monday, May 24, 2021

Ecuadorian President’s Inauguration

Aloha Everyone,

Today is the inauguration of Guillermo Lasso, a conservative ex-banker as Ecuador’s new president. Since yesterday, I had noticed increased police presence especially near hotels. The Presidential Palace where the televised ceremony was taking place is approximately 3 miles walking distance. Among the sea of black suits attired politicians, Ecuadorian soldiers colorful uniforms, reminiscent of the Napoleonic era stood out.

J.J. and I walked to Chifa Wei Hai Wei Chinese restaurant located about a block and a half from our hotel. Perhaps this is one of the few establishments that are open for business today. We counted at least 7 tables that were occupied by dining-in customers and others like us, who were ordering foods to go.

This morning J.J. shared with me an YouTube circa 2007 of operatic singer, Paul Potts’ first audition that set the course for Britain’s Got Talent & altered Paul Pott’s life forever.

Hope you enjoy it.

Aloha -- Cathi