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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Happiness is Finding Kaki & Other Fruits

Aloha Everyone,

Literally I will easily walk a couple of miles in search of fresh fruits. There was a small delivery truck parked in front of a neighborhood fruit store. The proprietor was busy going over individual produce baskets. When they were finished negotiating or more like haggling prices, I entered the store. Kaki, persimmon, are probably still early in season. Sizes are comparable to a tennis ball, but the meat of the fruit are sweet and perfect for scooping with a teaspoon. (I like to eat the peel but only if I know where they are grown). When I selected 3 small bananas and 5 small Kaki, the proprietor advices me to pick bigger ones as they charge by the piece rather than by the weight. I thanked her but told her that I simply cannot finish large size fruits so I prefer smaller ones.

As you can see from my portraits of fruits, I am content!

Ecuadorians like to munch on snacks. Jeff likes their light, crisp Chifles (banana chips). Popcorn is another popular snack item in addition to being served as a meal side dish.

Aloha -- Cathi