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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Japanese Bonsai Museum

Aloha Everyone,

Japanese Bonsai Museum is one of the top attractions within the La Carolina Park Botanical Garden.  

It is interesting to note that Ecuadorian Bonsai are influenced by Japanese Bonsai but have their own distinctive look. Actually, Bonsai traces its origin to China. It spread to Korea and during the 12th Century, Bonsai was cultivated in Japan.

For trained eyes, it is easy to differentiate Chinese Bonsai from that of Korean or Japanese. The former have more emphasis on natural creations and often place their miniature trees in valuable antique vases where as the latter have more refined, cultivated look with containers focusing on simple elegance not to take away from the beautify of the tree itself.

My Mother was an active Bonsai club member in Southern California and her bonsais have won several awards in regional competitions.

Jeff and I accessed the Bonsai Museum by crossing a bridge giving us a sense of entering into an exotic world. Following is a small selection of their collection.

Aloha -- Cathi