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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Jeff’s Challenge of Returning to Hawaii

Aloha Everyone,

US immigration accepts the negative COVID-19 test result issued by the government of Ecuador. However, the State of Hawaii does not accept such test results. At the last minute, Jeff had to go on line to search where he can get another negative Covid-19 test that is acceptable to enter Hawaii.

He flew Delta Airlines to Atlanta, GA where he was admitted back to the USA. He then took a flight from Atlanta to Seattle. In Seattle, Jeff obtained a negative COVID-19 test acceptable to the Hawaii health authorities for the cost of $196. Such is the joy and adventure of traveling.

J.J. and I had a more pedestrian day in Quito. We dropped off our weekly laundry at Mr. Jeff then to El Jardin Mall for me to get some walking exercise. I was also able to purchase a set of color pencils. Lunch at Tapas restaurant where service is excruciatingly slow but where the food when it finally arrived is excellent.

Aloha -- Cathi