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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Glad to Have J.J. Back at Hotel

Aloha Everyone,

The 3 of us had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. It is wonderful to have J.J. back with us. Dr. Espinosa came by to check on J.J.’s vitals, go over his medications with me and wrote 2 additional prescriptions.

Temporarily, J.J. needs to take 12 prescriptions plus his usual prescription medications from the USA. I am trying to  make a  chart to make sure I administer them accurately per schedule.

Jeff and I took Uber to Mr. Jeff to drop off our weekly laundry of 2 bags. We then walked back to the hotel enjoying the non-touristic side of Quito. Jeff’s “go to” takeout restaurant in Quito is Indian Tadka. I believe he tried nearly all of their curry dishes  Located about 5 long city blocks from out hotel, Jeff and I carried hot curry and Tandoori chicken back for our lunch.

Aloha -- Cathi