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Monday, May 10, 2021

Busy Day With J.J. & Uber Eats

Aloha Everyone,

We started this morning with a hearty buffet breakfast at the hotel.

J.J. and I took a taxi to El Jardin Mall. When pushing a shopping cart in SuperMaxi supermarket became too tiring for J.J., we went up to the mall’s food court to enjoy an early lunch. J.J. ordered mixed meat plate and I asked for Prime Ribeye steak.

The hot sizzling metal plates were placed on a wooden serving tray which in turn was to be carried on a plastic tray to your table. J.J. shouldn’t be carrying anything heavy and I have difficulties carrying anything weighing more than 15 pounds. For a $2 tip, one of the employees came out to help me.

I am also learning to use UberEats app from Jeff. It is user friendly and initially entertaining. When your order has been picked up from the restaurant, we have to meet the delivery person in front of our hotel. On two occasions, Jeff’s orders were cancelled. 

What the menus state and accompanying photos may look quite different from the food we receive sometime travel weary and packaged in non insulated containers. Such is the joy and frustration of UberEats meals.

Aloha -- Cathi