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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Badlands National Park

Aloha Everyone,

Before visiting the Badlands National Park, I've read about its abundance of prehistoric fossils and diverse wildlife. What impressed me was how spectacular the scenery is. The park is comprised of 244,000 acres of land with wilderness areas of 64,144 acres. We were told that there are parts of the park where no humans have entered.

One of the inhabitants are Big Horn Sheep. They are very much at home, clinging to the sides of rough cliffs.

A majestic male was sitting on top of the hill about 20 ft above us, surveying his domain.

Without warning, he trotted down the cliff and stopped in front of J.J.

Here is another vista point where the colors were too beautiful to describe.

What makes traveling especially enjoyable are wonderful people you meet on the road. Janet and Hugh were manning the Wasta Rest Area.

Wall Drug on the way to Badlands is one of America's favorite roadside attractions. For one thing, it seems like the town only exists because of Wall Drug.

Their loss leader is a 5-cent cup of coffee.

Over a cup of coffee, J.J. and I shared pleasantries with a couple from Chicago who were traveling with two other couples from Toronto, Canada.

Our host this evening is Nancy Hill who owns Hills RV Park in Plankinton, South Dakota. Nancy and I were like long-lost friends. After our lively conversation, we parted with a hug. I am grateful for Nancy and others like her who welcome us graciously into their "home" and gave us new hope for tomorrow and humanity.

Aloha -- Cathi