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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Driving from Northwest to Central Region of Missouri

Aloha Everyone,

Per the Missouri Official Travel Guide map, the state is divided into 5 regions each offering unique and distinctive experience for visitors. Our route today was from St Joseph to outskirts of Kansas City on I-29 then to 435E and to I-70.

We were on the road by 6:28 am. As soon as the light morning fog lifted, we were greeted by the glorious sky.

Gentle reminder found at one of the rest areas.

We noted noticeable changes in topography from flat grazing lands of the south-eastern plains of South Dakota to flat farm lands of Iowa and now to rolling hills with more developed farms of Missouri.

Another encounter with the Missouri River after Kansas City made me happy.  It was like seeing an old friend.

Sometime finding the RV Park is an adventure in itself. In the Passport America guidebook, it clearly stated that it's 13 miles to Highway D, then 4 more miles to Highway O.

When you are going on unfamiliar country roads with occasional vehicles coming from other direction, it's easy to feel perhaps this was not a very good idea.

After what feltlike an hour, J.J. and I finally came to a junction of Highway D and Highway O. Big cheers and a high-five as we drove on.

The Wildwood Lot Owners Association is a private lot owners association. You may purchase a lot and build a cabin or park your RV. It seem that most people come for weekends and vacations. Should one decide to live here full time, one must be a owner and have owned the lot for a minimum of 10 years & must be 50+.

Just out of curiosity, I asked for the price sheet. Lot prices vary from $3,760 for 2,400 - 3,600 sq ft lot size to $6,750 for approximately 5,000 sq ft size. When one of the other visitor overheard my conversation with the office clerk, he pulled me aside and told me to check in the local paper for resales. He winked and proudly confided that he purchased his lot for  $2,300 and it's was large enough to build a cabin and park his large RV.

At the entrance to the private compound, we saw a target shooting field. The property is huge though I haven't been able to find specifics . Among the amenities they offer include swimming, tennis, horseshoes, ten lakes with boating, fishing with Missouri Fishing License and turkey shoot.  I don't know if they actually hunt for wild turkeys.

Perfect for multiple-generational family vacationing together.

It was hot during the mid-day and the pool was attracting lots of children.

Because this is a private complex, ATVs (all terrain vehicles) are permitted. We saw a little girl who appeared to be about 8 years old driving one with two passengers.

Perhaps AOAO (association of owners) fees are insufficient to pave the road. Riders were covered with dust, but were having a great time.

Here is one of the two lakes we saw on the property.

Aloha -- Cathi