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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

From Wyoming to South Dakota

Aloha Everyone,

Brrrrrr.... Just to show you how cold it is, this is what the water faucet looked like this morning at 7:00 AM when we left Terry Bison Ranch RV Park in Cheyenne.

It was a bright and sunny day with hardly any traffic. The melting snow create unique landscape.

At our fuel stop in Wheatland. Wyoming we had a chance to exchange greetings with Kelly.  She is one of the many gracious people we've met so far.

J.J. prefers driving on the roads paved with red gravel that are indigenous to this area.  The hue is gentler for his eyes than the concrete which reflects too much sunlight.

On the way to Hot Spring, South Dakota, we were pelted by huge rain drops.

Nature paints an amazing canvas.

Our lunch stop was at Dale's Family restaurant in Hot Spring. We both had today's special, lasagna. Here is the first course of soup and salad.

Followed by the main course. Yes, it is too large of portion for me. I had it boxed for another meal. The total bill for the two of us including a generous tip was $17. Yup, that's in US$.

Hot Spring has a population of about 3,600.  It seemed Dale's was the gathering place for the town's people where everyone greeted one another by their first names .  They made us feel really welcome.

The Sioux and Cheyenne people were attracted to the area because of warm springs' healing properties.

We were told that even if everything freeze, the Falls River will remain flowing with water warm enough for bathing in the middle of the winter.

Our entry to South Dakota was unceremonious.  However our hearts skipped a beat when we arrived at Box Elder and read the "welcome home" sign.

This is our South Dakota address.

To celebrate our arrival at Box Elder, we decided to spend the night at a hotel. Here is our accommodation for tonight.

Aloha -- Cathi