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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From Paducah, Kentucky to Adairsville, Georgia

Aloha Everyone,

Today we drove about 300 miles crossing Kentucky and Tennessee before we arrived in the state of Georgia.

Beverly and her husband own and manage the Victory RV Park and Campground. Last night she knocked on the door of our RV with a big smile and invitation to the crawfish boil gathering. Today, as we were getting ready to leave, she offered to take us to the historic downtown Paducah.

Here is something interesting that I learned: Paducah was captured by General Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil War in 1861.

There are many magnificent murals by Robert Dafford and his team of artists from Lafayette, LA that provided the visual history of Paducah. I will write more about Beverly and her natural insect repellent and "thieves oil" used to ward off common illnesses and virus in my yoga and meditation blog after I've had a chance to consult Beverly on the accuracy of my information. Thanks Beverly for the tour!

One cannot help but fall in love with this small town of Paducah with many amazing  attractions including The National Quilt Museum featuring over 150 quilts and textile arts.

Here is one section of charming downtown with restaurants, hotels, shops and businesses.  Surrounding areas are basically farming community so it was a big surprise to see sophisticated "European" looking streets in downtown, Paducah.

I truly enjoy seeing the major rivers that played vital roles in the early development of our country.

We crossed into Tennessee driving on I-24E.

On the way we passed half of a house being transported by a truck. That's something that you don't see in Hawaii!

Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores are located in 42 states and as of their April news release, there were a total of 626 restaurants. In this part of the country, it's as familiar as Zippy's in Hawaii. For our lunch, we were seated in the Cracker Barrel in Manchester, Kentucky.

My lunch selection included 2 pieces of grilled rainbow trouts, side order of salad, corn and wild rice plus 2 pieces of corn bread.

J.J. had fried shrimp with side dishes of mashed potatoes, corn and stewed pinto beans.  Our total bill was $24.60 including 10% taxes plus tip.

Outside of each Cracker Barrel restaurant are rocking chair for sale.  Of course you are welcome to try them out and relax for a while.

Driving on I-75, we noticed signs referring to the Appalachian mountains.

We had very comfortable driving conditions with 3 lanes highways on both direction. Unexpected waterfalls right off the highway broke the monotony.

The beautiful views of mountains can be deceiving as JJ and I discussed harsh living conditions of those who call Appalachia their home.

Aloha -- Cathi