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Monday, May 12, 2014

Utah to Wyoming

Aloha Everyone,

Today was another day of adventure. Fortunately J.J. decided to check his email prior to our meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator of U.S. Dept of Agriculture. She had sent an urgent email to cancel our meeting due to her baby's illness.

We therefore shifted our direction and started off on I-15 East towards Cheyenne, WY. The weather was beautiful. Road condition was excellent and we were even talking about my getting some time to sit behind the wheels.

Cathi doing some yoga asanas at a rest stop. It's a little cumbersome to do some of the poses with four layers of clothing on top and 2 layers of yoga pants.

Utah is a very clean, orderly, beautiful state. The day time temperature reached low 50's. Saw a long freight train which reminded us about a man who hops on freight train with only $20 in his pocket, no ID, no credit cards, no cell phone. He is millionaire, but every so often, he lives a life of a Hobo with his family's understanding, but may not be with their consent.

Entering Wyoming. The weather continued to be sunny and beautiful.

Drove into Evanston, WY onto route I-80  We started to see trucks lined up on both sides of the road.  Getting closer to Rock Springs we saw flashing lights of highway patrols instructing motorists to return to Evanston. No time to inquire why, I ran into a motel to ask the front desk clerk about the I-80 closure. Immediately I was surrounded by 5-6 people all wanted to share their stories. Basically J.J. and I decided to spend the night in Evanston.

Our healthy lunch of spring vegetables, cucumber and fresh blueberries with Brie cheese on pumpernickel bread.

The RV Park that we stayed at is owned and operated by the same family since 1938. The owner, who checked us in asked us to guess how much it would cost for him and his mother to travel to and from Oklahoma in 1942 inclusive of meals, gas and accommodations. J.J. guessed $300.  The owner gave a hearty laugh and said less than $100.  He had a twinkle In his eyes. He is one of many interesting characters we have encountered so far.

Here JJ is busy reloading our fresh water supply.  Tomorrow, if the weather is agreeable, we will be in Cheyenne.

Tonight temperature is expected to go down to below freezing with good chance of snow. It's 36 F outside, but we are comfortable in our RV home with 72F.

Aloha - Cathi