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Friday, May 23, 2014

From Iowa to Missouri on I-29

Aloha Everyone,

From flat farm lands of Iowa to the lush, green, hills of Missouri, today's drive was very relaxing as we were only on the road for less than 3 hours.

The large mosaic at the Missouri Welcome Center's mosaic caught my eye.

We were welcomed by Judy and Bev, who worked at the Missouri Welcome Center:

They provided us with useful information on RV Parks and gave us maps and guide books on St. Joseph as well as the state of Missouri.

Our friend, Shelley, had warned us of the importance of having quarters when you are. RVing. We learned it the hard way when one occasion we had to ask a fellow RVer to change $1 bill as we required additional quarters for dryer. Typically, it's $1.50 to $2.00 per load in the washing machine or dryer at an RV Park.

We are staying at a RV Park in St. Joseph, Missouri. According to the brochure we received from Judy and Bev at the visitor center, there are a long list of things to do in this county with population of a 89,700. The topography is rather flat, but we are 823 ft above the sea level. The current temperature is 76 degrees F.  The coldest month, January, has an average temperature of 24.9 degrees F while the hottest month, July, has an average temperature is 87 degrees F.

There is a couple with three school age children are occupying the "pad" adjacent to ours. The wife confided to me that they live in Iowa but are looking to relocate here to avoid severe winter weather.

This RV Park has many mature trees. Though it does not offer modern amenities, the manager, Jack, is friendly and helpful.

We also spent nearly an hour exchanging information with Linda & Adrian who are on their way to Alaska and with Bob & Ruth who are on their way to Michigan. Since JJ began his blog site, we've had additional opportunities to meet people who are traveling with dogs.

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

Aloha -- Cathi