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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Driving 420 miles on I-80 in Wyoming

Aloha Everyone

We woke up this morning to a freezing temperature of 31 Degrees Fahrenheit. Everything was frozen: the rivers, the ponds, the streams, the blades of grass, and even the road. It is a little scary to imagine what things would have been like if we were caught in this snowstorm that closed nearly 400 miles of I-80 in Wyoming. Sometimes I have to check my calendar and make sure it is actually May and not February or March!

At 7:00 AM, the traffic was moving smoothly in spite of the morning fog which reduced our visibility to about 1,500 ft.

Wyoming is the 10th largest state, yet has the second smallest population of all 50 states. I've read that Wyoming has approximately 11,000 farms and ranches. We were impressed by miles and miles of the vast open fields with no tall trees or buildings.

The sun came out and it was pleasant drive until we reached Rawlins. Although the sun stayed out, driving was much more precarious for J.J. due to the road conditions.

Our lunch break was at a highway rest stop. I prepared a vegetarian meal for us.

Sitting for 7 hours in our RV home requires that I improvise my exercise routine. At every highway rest stop. I did about 15 minutes of yoga. Here I am doing  Kundalini Yoga jumping jack. Finished today's quota of 150. Tomorrow. I'll increase to 200.

Wyoming permits the sale of fireworks but border stated prohibit it. It seems like a big business to attract buyers from the neighboring states.

Here is where we stopped for dinner. I had a vegetarian burger.

Don't be deceived by the sunny blue sky. The temperature is fast dropping and it'll be freezing tonight.

Here is a lone camper in a small tent surrounded by patches of frozen snow. Wishing the occupant a warm night and have a good evening.

Aloha -- Cathi