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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pachelbel Canon in D and Rabbits

Aloha Everyone,

Since leaving our home, our days have been filled with activities.  For a change, today we spent a relaxing day at home. My son and I went for our morning walk around his neighborhood. The morning was cool, breezy and a perfect walking weather.  We covered approximately 4 miles in one hour as my son walks like a wind with long strides. He told me that he was going slowly to accommodate my pace but I found myself taking extra steps to keep up with him.

After our breakfast, J.J. and I were treated to our granddaughter practicing her flute. Today she selected Pachelbel Canon in D while our son played violin accompaniment.  It is one of my favorite music and I often find myself humming.

My son and I went on our afternoon walk around a nearby park where we saw many Cottontail rabbits.  They are mostly brown color and have stub tails with white undersides.  They quickly retreat when people approach them. As they run, you see their white undersides where their name, "cottontails" come from. They reminded me of Richard Adam's Watership Down, a timeless classic novel about a tale of adventure, courage and survival by a band of rabbits. My granddaughter is reading the book. And seeing these wild cottontails make me want to read the Watership Down again.

Aloha -- Cathi