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Friday, May 9, 2014

Cedar City and Zion Kolob

Aloha Everyone,

There are 5 national parks in Southern Utah. On this trip, J.J. and I decided to concentrate on Kolob Canyon-Zion and Zion National Park. Today, we spent a good part of the morning and afternoon visiting Kolob Canyon. The way it was described by the ranger, each canyon in Kolob is like a miniature Zion Canyons.  Hope my iPhone photos justify their majestic beauty.

It was a wonderful place to practice my yoga and think of mindfulness.  (please check to read about my latest blog and photos of me doing yoga asanas at Kolob Canyon.)

We also did some house cleaning, meaning took our RV home to a self service car wash.  J.J. did an excellent job and now our RV home, temporarily known as our "Honu" is clean and shiny. The cost was $4 for wash, soap and rinse.

For lunch, J.J. was looking for a "rice dish".  Not too many choices in Cedar City.  We found an authentic Mexican restaurant called La Casa Don Miguel.

Great food, friendly service and very affordable.  My Chimichanga special was $5.99. 

Tomorrow, our plan is to drive early to Zion National Park which is separate from Zion Kolob and approximately 45 minutes from our RV park.

Aloha -- Cathi