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Monday, May 26, 2014

From Missouri to Kentucky via St Louis

Aloha Everyone,

Last night our beautiful RV park was located within a private compound about 17 miles from an interstate highway. We had no access to cellular phone or wifi. Our family were a little concerned about our lack of evening communication, but we spent a quiet night in the wooded area of Missouri.

Saw this charming home-made tractor sitting on top of a mail box.

J.J. had to be extra cautious tracing our way back on Highway O and D as we came across two white tailed rabbits, two squirrels and three land turtles with long necks all trying to get to the other side of the divided road.

These country stores were the first and last commercial establishments on Highway D.

Approaching St Louis downtown, we had another glimpse of the now familiar Missouri River.

Gateway Arch in St Louis is a 630 ft high stainless steel monument, completed in 1965, it is world's tallest arch. It is a monument to the westward expansion of the USA and the center piece of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.

Today, being the Memorial Day holiday, park alerts were in effect. J.J. and I decided on a return visit to the city on non-holiday and enjoyed the arch from a distance.

We drove over a bridge spanning the Mississippi  River just before reaching a Kentucky visitor center.

Verdant and spacious and well manicured too inviting to pass up as to practice yoga.

Approaching bridge over Ohio River.

Cracker Barrel is a chain of "Southern Comfort food" restaurant. J.J. had chicken dumpling, mashed potato, boiled beans and side dishes of fried okra and corn bread.

I stayed with safer choice of mixed garden vegetables. Grape tomatoes were exceptionally sweet and crunchy.

The Cracker Barrel restaurant we stopped was located in the town of Paducah, Kentucky. The noon time temperature was 91 degrees F.

We were invited to a crawfish boil gathering by a group from Louisiana. They brought back 100 pounds of live crawfish. JJ said it was spicy, but very good. I enjoyed the boiled corn and potato they prepared along with crawfish.

We have a pond frontage setting for this evening.

One of the invitees of Crawfish gathering was Kevin Myers, an artist. Here Kevin is showing us a couple of his paintings.

Go to: to see Kevin's work.

Aloha -- Cathi