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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Birthday Message to Our Granddaughter

Aloha Everyone,

Today was our granddaughter's birthday. Her birthday party consisted of several of her closest friends and their families. It was a huge success. Everyone including the parents and the grandparents (J.J and I), had a great time. Below is our birthday message to our granddaughter.

Dearest Granddaughter,

Happy 7th Birthday sweetheart. FarFar and I are delighted that we are able to celebrate your 7th birthday with you. Here are some of our thoughts and lessons we have learned which we would like to share with you.

1)  Wake up early, go to bed early and live your life with order.

 2)  Count your blessings, you already have everything you need. Accumulating things do not add to your true happiness. Being comfortable with yourself, having good relationship with your family and friends are much more important than having things.

3)  Be grateful to everyone. Remember that not all people you meet are like you.You will meet some challenging people but those are the people who can help you grow. You will learn to practice equanimity.

4)  Everyday, spend sometime in the nature to look at the flowers and trees, listen to the birds sing and gaze at the clouds feel the sun, the breeze, the rain on your skin. You will learn about yourself when you spend some time alone.

5)  Let go of your ego. Remember everyone is special and important.

6)  Live life honestly, live life simply, live life fully.

7)  Live life with loving-kindness and compassion

Whenever you would like to ask us about our message, please come to us. With all our love and affection,

FarFar* and FarMor*
(Father's Father and Father's Mother)

Aloha -- Cathi