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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Goodbye to the Keys and Return to Fort St Lucie

Aloha Everyone,

I wanted to start off today's blog by posting a map which illustrates the major sections of the Florida Keys.

This morning, we woke up to a slight drizzle, but the lighting was just perfect to capture the special beauty of Key West.

We drove through the section of the Keys where there were warning signs posted everywhere with an alarming message of, "Caution alligator crossing next 6 miles." I was hoping to witness an alligator crossing the street so that I would be able to take a picture of it with my iPhone, but sadly our drive was uneventful. Actually you see wired fences all over the state where there are bodies of water.

Our last glimpses of the Keys.

The real estate market has rebounded in Florida. Driving along A1A, we saw many new developments, all if them within gated communities.

Tonight, we shared a simple home-cooked dinner in our RV home. I am sure that some of you can guess what J.J. enjoyed.

It's great to be back at St Lucie RV Resort. Being familiar with the place is little like coming home to your Mother's house. One of the RVer we met told us that there is a warning sign on the fence is to protect us from alligators that lurk in the pond. Well, at least we feel comfortable that Honu will not get bitten.

There is something sweet and special about the people you meet at the RV park. They are generous in sharing their knowledge and experiences.

We had an impromptu gathering to in Hawaiian "talk story" until the sun had set and it was past my bed time.
Below is a picture of Helene and her husband, Bruce:

And Vincent and his wife, Darlene:

Aloha -- Cathi