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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bristol Farms and Costco

Aloha Everyone,

My first experience of shopping in a Bristol Farms store was in Rolling Hills Estate, CA located not too far from my Mother's house. This first store opened in 1982. I recall it to be a small specialty food store and usually at least once during my stay at my Mother's we would go to pick up my favorite bread and fruits.

Today there are 8 Bristol Farms in Los Angeles County and 5 other locations throughout California including one in La Jolla.

Food prices in general are considered a little higher than Whole Foods, but the name Bristol Farms evoke the best gourmet and quality produce store. According to Zagat's Marketplace Survey, Bristol Farm was also described as "a shopper's beautiful dream with wide aisles, helpful staff, and beautiful presentations." Bristol Farm is also known for their catering facility and cooking school.

According to California Agricultural Production Statistics the state produces nearly half of US grown fruits, nuts & vegetables. We went to Costco to purchase California grown fruits and vegetables. A package of 32 oz strawberries is $4.49.

A package of 32oz blueberries is $6.49.

And one of my favorite berries, a package of 18 oz raspberry is $3.99.

Our granddaughter enjoyed a Costco hot dog lunch with us.

My granddaughter has been keeping me very busy. We started the day of activity by building a house with Legos.

We moved onto playing the classic Monopoly in Spanish.  I must admit that my Spanish is rusty. We had to "guess" and improvise some of the instructions. I really need to start practicing my languages with the DVD Kumu Keahi gave me.

After an hour of practicing her flute which meant a break for me, my granddaughter is now getting ready for us to play Clue.

Aloha -- Cathi