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Friday, June 13, 2014

Grand Canyon

Aloha Everyone,

In the pamphlet prepared by National Park Service it says, "Grand Canyon - one of Earth's most powerful, inspiring landscape - overwhelms our senses." I would add that the Grand Canyon is also mystical, peaceful and otherworldly place.

I could just stare at the fascinating formation of the canyon and colors and never get tired of the scenery.

We began our visit of Grand Canyon by stopping at the Visitor Center.

We parked our RV and went around the canyon in the color-coded free shuttle bus service that are included in the park entrance fee.

There are 4 bus routes and each has stops at points of interest. We hopped off at most of the bus stops to walk around. At this quiet location where there were hardly any people, I was able to practice little yoga.

Hopi House

El Tovar Hotel

Bart and Denise are on their honeymoon. We met them this morning at breakfast at our RV Park. They were on their way to take the Grand Canyon Railway so we promised to see each other later in the day.

Don and Maria were also having their breakfast. J.J. took photos of their pet, Brandy, for his blog so I asked them to smile for mine.

J.J. and I got together with Bart and Denise this evening and had a great time talking until the sun went down and I began to feel cold. They are from Chicago and they are on their honeymoon in their RV tracing the old Route 66 from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA.

The stories they shared with us can easily fill a few chapters of a book. In summary, they saw a beautiful rainbow. They took a shelter for tornado warning in one of the RV parks they stayed. Because the building was solid and made of hollow blocks, the shelter happened to be the toilets. Denise told us that it was memorable as everybody stood around in their pajamas for about an hour. They also have been in dust storms. The hail which broke all their vent in the roof and the skylight was probably the worst. Bart said that Denise was not happy when it was raining inside their RV home.

Talk about adventure and what a honeymoon. I told them think of all the stories you can share with their family and friends. Their four weeks honeymoon is closer to the end but their marriage is just beginning. We wish them well as they toasted with champagne in Styrofoam cups.

Aloha -- Cathi