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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Crossing Texas on I-10

Aloha Everyone,

One thing we recall from our previous time driving across Texas is that it's a big state. Therefore, we are allocating a minimum of 2 full days for our travel on I-10.

Texas covers 368,596 square miles. Measured in a straight line from north to south, Texas stretches 801 miles and from east to west, 773 miles. The state is divided into the seven regions. For this trip, J.J. and I are only traversing the Gulf Coast, just a tip of South Texas Plains near San Antonio, Hill Country and finally Big Bend Country.

Everything is big in Texas. A huge "Lone Star" greets travelers at the visitor center:

Kim provided me with a bagful of map and state travel guidebooks.

The six flags of Texas.  For more info go to:

The Gulf Coast:

Rice fields:

We stopped at rest area on I-10 and walked around to stretch our legs only to come face to face with these alarming warning signs.

This rest area actually was one of the cleanest, most modern and traveler-friendly place. That is as long as you stay on the walk paths.

The air-condition pavilion with high ceiling room was even equipped with a table and chairs, and Wi-Fi.

Kenneth, the maintenance man was very proud to point out the beautiful artwork that adorned the entry to the ladies' room.

I'd like to share with you a cute incident. We stopped at this gas station to fill up on diesel. An elderly man with a big cane stepped out of the white car parked on the far right. I hastened my steps to try to get to the door so I can hold it open for him. He must have seen me as he dragged himself forward taking large steps with the aid of his cane. He faced me as we reached the door about the same time, gallantly opened the door for me.  I blurted out, "Thank you so much but I was going to get the door for you." He gave me a big smile and said, "Well m'am, I am a church goer and I'll git da door fur you.  And that would be a dollar pleeze."

Two days in a row of finding a local restaurant for lunch means we must be lucky. Again, we were lured by the long line of cars turning into the parking lot. The signage in the back of the parking lot on their catering truck was only visible after we finished eating a very satisfying meal.

Here is J.J.'s choice of BBQ pork and beef plate. I ordered a vegetarian plate which included broccoli, fried okra, fried onion rings and the Southern-style dirty rice. Dirty rice is something similar to Chinese fried rice. It has several different vegetables (sometime with small piece of ham but mine was pure vegetarian) and fried with hot Cajun pepper.

It's 5:04 PM Central Time and it is 86 degrees F. The level of humidity is still high at 65%. Tonight we are staying at a RV park along the bend of San Marcos River on route to San Antonio. According to the RV park map we were given, there is a "catch & release" fishing pond, volleyball court, basketball and swimming pool. We also saw some horses as we drove in. This is a peaceful setting and J.J. and I will explore when it gets a little cooler.

Kate, the manager who is originally from England, was telling us about the Watermelon Thump Festival.  The festival occurs during the last weekend in June and the RV park will become fully booked.

Aloha -- Cathi