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Monday, June 9, 2014

Real Texas BBQ

Aloha Everyone,

Today, J.J. was on a mission to eat some real Texas BBQ for lunch. As we were driving, we saw a plume of white smoke rising in the distance which looked promising, and as we approached we noticed what appeared to be a large outdoor fireplace. Curious, J.J. drove our Honu closer and confirmed that the smoke was coming from the outdoor BBQ pit.

Welcome to Cooper's Bar-B-Q! The Original!

Dwight is the Pit Master at Cooper's BBQ and he must be the reason why the restaurant was packed before noon!

Dwight was a wonderful host and showed us a large stack of Mesquite firewood that he uses to make the charcoal to cook the BBQ. 

J.J. had ribs and sausages with sides of egg-potato salad with pork & beans.

After one mouthful, J.J. is a happy man.

Except for our leisurely lunch stop in the small town of Junction on I-10, we were on the road for approximately 7 hours. The day began with a promise of the day time temperature reaching 90 degrees F.

The sky became overcast as we approached San Antonio. We love this city and we reluctantly decided to by-pass it until our next trip.

Topography and changing landscapes are distinct from Gulf Coast to Hill Country.  Notice the big Texas sky began to get dark with ominous threat of rain.

When the torrential rain blanketed our path, we were grateful to be safe in our RV home where the headlights automatically went on adjusting for the "night-time" driving condition.

Big Bend Country with mesas resembles places with higher elevations. The rain had cooled down the outside temperature to 78 degrees F. Road condition was excellent, with little traffic on both ways, it was a perfect time for me to sit behind the wheels.

J.J. set the cruise control for me at 70 mph. Other drivers were zooming by me exceeding the speed limit of 80 mph. I felt like I was 'flying' at 70. In order to keep my mind focused, I was silently repeating Ganesh Mantra.

Tonight we are staying at the RV Park in Fort Stockton, owned by Wallis & Vee Anna.

An enormous metal statue of Roadrunner greets the visitors at a corner of the Main Street.

Aloha -- Cathi