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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Impressive Garden With Western and Asian Flavor

Aloha Everyone,

Last night J.J. and I were invited to dinner by one of our son's friends. The hosts, Larry and Jeanne had a beautiful home with a very impressive garden. What was most striking was the use of Asian and Western design and flora. For example, a common species of Bougainville adorned the tall, dark-brown stained gate and white washed wall complimented by purple flowers in the foreground.

A building adjacent was painted in bright Southwest colors of terra cotta and deep purple. Extremely tall groves of green bamboos from the neighbor's house added another dimension to this section of their garden.

The focal point was Chinese Silk Floss Tree with its thorny trunks.

Professionally designed house that incorporates and balances the exterior and interior living spaces.

Some painting that were created by Jeanne.

Larry and Jeanne in their beautiful museum-like yet comfortable and inviting living room.

Aloha -- Cathi