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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fort Lauderdale to Homestead via Miami

Aloha Everyone,

Today was the first time on this trip that we were able to get a clear view of the Atlantic Ocean. One thing that caught our eyes were the palm trees planted alongside the state highways. According to recent news articles, critics complained about the excessive highway landscape spending on Miami-Dade County. However, we believe they add a picturesque ocean community scene.

I would like to give my special "mahalo" to Laurie who gave us the Matiz Quince Paste from Andaluz, Spain. It goes well with the walnuts and cranberry bread we purchased from the Publix Market in Boca Raton. It made our breakfast very special.

The route we followed to A1A South.

Our destination was a charming marina frontage restaurant & lodging establishment.

Bruce is an American, retired RN by profession, and he runs a small private non-profit charity to help poor and sick children. His introduction to the Philippines happened several years ago when he went to visit Catbalogan, Samar. Over a typical American lunch of hamburger & fries, Bruce shared with us some photos and stories. J.J. and I had sent occasional care packages and small monetary contributions, but this is the first time we meet Bruce in person. It takes an exceptional, selfless individual to do what he is doing. Looking into his eyes and listening to his voice, you cannot but moved by his passion and the purpose he has found for his life.

We were seated next to the marina, but clearly Bruce's stories were much more captivating than the lovely views.

Drove by downtown Miami on our way to A1A in the direction of Homestead.

We were warned by some people to be avoid Homestead as this could be a "rough neighborhood." Our fears were quickly dispelled when we came to the gated RV park resort complete with secured entry and 24 hours security guards.

There was a handout that if you walk its entire paved areas, it will be a total of 4 miles. Perhaps if it's not too hot tomorrow morning, I'll go for a quick walk.

Our Honu is settled on a grassy pad tonight complete with small hummingbird feeders hanging on the tree branch next to her.

This photo of our front yard was taken at about 6:00 pm when the sun was still high.

Aloha -- Cathi