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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Arcadia National Park

Aloha Everyone,

Arcadia National Park is among the top 10 most visited parks in the United States. More than two million visitors come to this north-eastern part of Maine located in Mount Desert Island of Bar Harbor.

We used our America the Beautiful pass to access the park, first taking a winding mountain road to reach must-see Cadillac Mountain.

This mountain traces its origin as molten magma. When the magma cooled and hardened, it crystallized having flecks of black hornblende, quartz crystal pink feldspar resulting in Cadillac Mountain granite having a warm pink hue.

Going up to the summit, cruise ships docked in French Sound looked tiny. The name, French Sound, was given because French frigates used to wait to attack British ships.

Our lunch stop was at Lobster by the Pound restaurant located right on the bay.

Tamara, our server, from Jamaica, had very unusual, mesmerizing eye make-up. She was a handsome young woman who seemed to be very popular with diners.

Pictures of Bar Harbor:

Hadley's Point Campground is located in Bar Harbor

Bobbie has been coming to this camp ground for over 40 years. Bobbie started to work here when she retired from teaching.  Here is Bobbie with her co-worker, Elizabeth.

Tonight, we are having a healthy medley of fresh vegetables and fruits for dinner.

Aloha -- Cathi