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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nova Scotia and Thinkers Lodge

Aloha Everyone,

Foggy morning but the sun was trying to peek out of the cloudy sky. After leaving the ferry, it took us over one hour and fifteen minutes to navigate a 15 miles stretch of highway in a snail-paced traffic due to road construction.

Slow traffic gave me a chance to photograph the simple but effective directional sign for cable-ferries. We were told that ferry services are free to residents as well as to tourists.

At the Nova Scotia Visitor Information Center in Amherst, J.J. and I were able to obtain comprehensive route and direction to our ultimate destination of Cape Breton. Here is the photo of the woman who assisted us. My sincere apologies for misplacing the sticky note where I jotted down her name.

In the village of Pugwash, we had 3 objectives:
1) To find an excellent restaurant for lunch
2) To find a gas station where they sell diesel 
3) To find a supermarket

I walked into the tourist information office only to find that it had a "Closed" sign. Lisa, who was seated in an office just across the doorway smiled and was more than helpful. She answer my three questions then went on to offer additional information about Pugwash.

To tell the complete story of Pugwash would require that I devote at least one entire blog. In a nutshell, a meeting held at the Thinkers' Lodge in 1957 was instrumental in the formation of an international movement for nuclear disarmament and world peace.

Lisa turned out to be the county clerk treasurer and all 3 of her recommendations turned out beautifully -- especially our lunch at Hillcrest View Restaurant.

This out-of-town location with a small sign could have been easily bypassed if we were not famished and not seriously focused on finding this place.

When we mentioned to Alisha that we are from Hawaii and live in a RV and traveling to see the world, her reaction was, "Oh my gosh, my grandmother is doing that!!!"  Ah we never know where and when we might meet a kindred spirit. If you are reading this Alisha, please wish your grandmother a very happy life!!!

We have been driving along Northumberland  Shore and tonight we are staying at an RV park located in Pictou Harbour south of Prince Edward Island.

We had a choice of accommodation at the Caribou County Park just a few kilometers away. It was gorgeous, lots of trees and very few campers. However no electrical hook-up and no WiFi was sufficient deterrent for us to select this more congested location. Yes, sometimes technology over rides simplicity and nature.

To our granddaughter, sharing you this amazing collection of pumpkins we saw today at a storefront in Pugwash.

Aloha -- Cathi