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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oak Park Kampground in Garfield, MN

Aloha Everyone,

What do I love about this RV park? It has wonderful ambiance. Surrounded by beautiful, healthy trees, Honu is enveloped in positive energy.

Husband and wife and best friends, Michael and Janet Hauver, purchased this RV park last summer. The property was a part of the homestead of Botner Family Farm. Some of the attractive features include a pond, forested walking trails and very spacious 58 individual pads for RV guests.

Prior to acquiring this business, Michael and Janet managed various RV parks around the country. Janet's affinity and love for Oak Park Kampground traces back to her childhood when she used to spend her holidays here with her parents.

Alexandria, the closest city, has a population of approximately 11,500. It is large enough to support a Walmart and a Target. Yet one of the things Michael loves about the Oak Park location is that it is only about 8 minutes drive to Alexandria yet far enough to be able to enjoy quiet, relaxing country living.

Michael is multi-talented and loves the daily challenges of running the business. This morning he was trimming branches off trees on their premise.

Janet has a background in childcare. One of the reasons for the success of this RV park is every weekend Janet organizes interesting and engaging activities for children. While we were talking, she was busy preparing for Labor Day weekend.

Warm and caring couple, we wish them continue success in their personal and business endeavors.

Aloha -- Cathi