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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wisconsin - The Land of Cheese, Lakes and Water Parks!

Aloha Everyone,

The word Wisconsin is derived from Cheppewa Indian word meaning "river that meanders through something red."

Wisconsin is number one in the entire United States in dairy production. Wisconsin also leads the nation in exports of ginseng roots, cranberries, whey and sweet corn.

This is the only state to offer a Master Cheesemaker program. It takes three years to complete, and you need 10 years of cheese making experience before you can even apply as a candidate.

J.J. and I stopped by at Humbird Cheese retail outlet in Tomah. Freshly baked  bread, Danish Blue Cheese, baby kale, cucumber and avocado salad, we had a terrific, healthy lunch at one of the Rest Stops.

While Minnesota enjoys its fame with 10,000 lakes marketing slogan, in reality, Wisconsin surpasses with the state's Department of Natural Resources count of 14,000 lakes.

The Wisconsin Dells with population of less than 3,000 has the world's largest concentration of water parks all in one area. Driving on its Main Street, the place looked like a mixture of Disneyland, downtown Las Vegas and a county fair.

We drove 28 miles off I-94 East to arrive at our RV Park destination. It is hot, (88 degrees Fahrenheit) and humid. We plan to run the air conditioner all night to remove the humidity.

Aloha -- Cathi