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Monday, September 21, 2015

Onward to Canada!

Aloha Everyone,

On US Route 1, we stopped at one of the most picturesque rest stops in Robbinston, Maine. The parking and picnic sites are located on a rise. Therefore, you are actually gazing down at St Croix River.

Beautiful and inspirational, I took out my all purpose foot stool to practice yoga.

Today's entry to Canada was through the town of Calais into St Stephen in New Brunswick. Compared to the border crossing to Vancouver, there were very few cars on both sides.

J.J. and I first went to Bank of Montreal to exchange currencies. There is a $2.50 bank service charge per transaction. U.S dollars strength vs Canadian dollar was sufficient to overlook this small service charge.

Curve-appeal of a small diner adorned with colorful flower pots and fall decorations caught our eyes. 

Carman's Diner seemed to be a comfortable gathering place for the locals. The restaurant was established in 1967. Sherri, one of the owners, told us that the restaurant takes after the name of the founder, her father, Carman. Today, Sherri and her sister, Susie run the establishment.

From what we observed, Susie is in charge of the over all look and image of the diner while Sherri takes care of the food. Customers came and left while we were eating all greeting them and exchanging a joke or two. J.J. and I were happy to discover such a hidden treasure on our visit to New Brunswick.

J.J.'s scallop and clams and my haddock were excellent!

There are two ferries that service the peninsula where Harding's Point RV Park is located. The ferry is known as  a "cable ferry" as they run on submarine cable.

Honu's accommodation has a water view. 

Aloha -- Cathi