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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Johnson's Seafood & Steak in Northwood, NH, and Onward to Maine!!!

Aloha Everyone,

Amy, our waitress first brought us a small, freshly-baked pumpkin bread. J.J. is not very fond of pumpkin. He eats a slice of pumpkin pie with a large scoop of whipped cream on top during Thanksgiving. So the bread was pretty much mine to enjoy.

J.J. 's baked Haddock stuffed with crab meat 

My baked Haddock

Our first fresh seafood in Northwood, New Hampshire  came out to be $37 inclusive of tip.

After the historical town of Portsmouth, we stopped at Market Basket and made a large purchase including fresh fruits and vegetables. Today was another perfect autumn weather and many people were walking around in short-sleeved top and short pants.

Piscataqua River is located between the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire and the town of Kittery, Maine.

We have resumed our drive on US Route 1, recalling that we have taken the southern most section of US Route 1 in Key West, Florida.

Tonight we are staying at the Wells Beach Resort. The Wells Beach Resort claims that they are a deluxe RV park, but actually there is no real difference from other RV parks with modern facilities.

They are charging us their Summer Rate" of $60.48 for the night because, according to the manager, "The weather is so good like summer so we will charge the higher rate even if it's already the 3rd week of September." Some logic?! 

Aloha -- Cathi