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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Badlands National Park, SD

Aloha Everyone,

Badlands National Park is made up of three units which totals more than 240,000 acres. This is our second visit and I am still awed by the incomparable beauty and unearthly colors of rocks and formations.

On the Loop Road, we saw several cars parked. "If you want to see wildlife," we were told by a ranger in Yellowstone, "Do not look for animals but look for people." Others are usually first to spot wildlife.

Bighorn sheep astonished and entertained visitors as they skillfully picked their way across steep slopes, jumping and carrying their large frame gingerly as if they were acrobats.

Cedar Pass Campground is one of the two camping sites located within the Badlands National Park. This is another rustic camping site where we rely on Honu's first-class amenities. Quiet and peaceful, we are watching the tangerine colored sky and listening to a couple of bluebirds singing.

Aloha -- Cathi