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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Yarmouth Visitor Center & Boiled Lobster

Aloha Everyone,

It is truly a blessing to meet someone who is willing to give assistance over and beyond what is expected. Amory at the visitor center stepped up to the counter and greeted me when I walked in.

Amory was a cheerful, helpful and enthusiastic man. He spread a map of Maine and answered my questions about the Arcadia National Park. He also handed me a sheet of paper that illustrated 3 driving option routes from Yarmouth to Bar Harbor.

A box full of apples harvested in Maine that are made available to visitors also gave a warm, fuzzy welcoming feeling about Maine.

After having lobster roll for lunch today, I told J.J. that I am "lobstered-out". But J.J. had not lost his enthusiasm for crustaceans. When he saw the advertising sign for boiled lobsters on US Highway 1 in the town of Wisscaset he pulled in.

Cecilio, the owner quickly agreed to my request to take a photo of the lobster selected from the holding tank.

I declined his kind offer of me holding the lobster.  Getting splashed by the lobster shaking his claws was enough for me to stay far away.

While the lobster was being boiled, we learned that Cecilio is originally from the town of Cavite in Rizal Province, Philippines.

After 7 minutes, the one and a half pounds for J.J.'s dinner lobster was ready. J.J. told me that this was the best lobster he's eaten so far since coming to Maine. I had hot oatmeal with almond milk and yogurt.

We chose Duck Puddle Campground in Nobleboro. The manager who checked us in offered for us to pick any spot including lake frontage. Bring off season, he charged $32.40 which includes an 8% hotel tax.

Aloha -- Cathi