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Monday, July 10, 2017

Back in Saint George, Utah

Aloha Everyone,

This week is set aside for our medical checkups. After we finished completing our lab works  that required 12 hours of fasting, J.J. and I treated ourselves to a sumptuous breakfast at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Saint George.

J.J.'s Mama's pancake special includes a stack of large, fluffy pancakes served with warm maple syrup plus 2 scramble eggs and bacon.

My healthy choice of low fat yogurt with fresh fruits and granola was served with scrambled egg white and 2 turkey sausages. Each served as a comfort food and they were more than satisfactory.

Honu is back at Red Ledge RV Park, absolutely one of our favorite RV parks. A sign in the lady's room says a lot about Gail, the owner's philosophy and attitude about life!

Aloha -- Cathi