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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cleaning and Reducing Honu's Load

Aloha Everyone,

On Friday, JJ and I have an appointment to take Honu to an RV repair shop. Our primary requirement is to restore on board AC and 110 electricity. If we are fortunate to find the right repair shop, J.J. has a list of items to repair or replace. Anticipating that potentially Honu might have to remain in the shop for a few days, we are removing items we normally carry with us.

It is incredible how much we have crammed in our little mobile home. The two of us thought that we have simplified and live rather minimalistic life.  But, the reality is that in the past 3 plus years, we have accumulated things we can certainly get rid of.

We purchased 6 cardboard boxes to temporarily "house" Honu's load. 5 of them are already halfway filled. J.J. and I made a commitment that we have no intention of storing any of these items more permanently in our outside storage locker.

I should be able to share with you our achievements when we resume our RV adventure in Honu with a reduced load.

Aloha -- Cathi