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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Back to Torrance in Record Time

Aloha Everyone,

Denny's in Gold Strike Hotel & Gambling Hall stays open 24 hours a day. Our complimentary breakfast of two large pancakes, bacon, 2 eggs plus coffee was too rich for my body. I ate scrambled egg white with a cup of coffee while J.J. ate his bacon and eggs, but only finished 1/4 of his pancakes.

Passing through Victorville located in the southwestern section of San Bernardino Valley, J.J. and I hope that the construction of the Cracker Barrel Country Store will be finished by next year. Victorville is a perfect rest stop for us. Estimated population of 122,000 plus, the Victorville store should do well.

Driving from Primm, rather than our usual starting point of KOA Sam's Town in North Las Vegas, saved us nearly 45 minutes. Light Sunday morning traffic with no accident on the road, we were back at my Mother's home in 4 hours.

Tonight J.J. prepared delicious snow crabs for dinner.  

Aloha -- Cathi