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Saturday, July 22, 2017


Aloha Everyone,

The first McDonald's hamburger franchise, using the arches logo, opened in Phoenix, AZ in 1953.  

In 1955, Ray Kroc joined the company as a franchise agent and subsequently purchased the chain from the McDonald brothers.

Today, McDonald's is the world's largest restaurant chain located in 120 countries. There are approximately 36,900 outlets that serve about 68 million customers daily.

McDonald's have modified menu to address clients' preferences based on the restaurant's location. For example, McDonald's in Hawaii serves Spam, egg and rice as one of their popular Hawaiian menu items. In Germany, Austria and France, McDonald's serve beer. One of my friends who recently returned from her first trip to Japan was raving about prawn and macaroni croquette burger, squid ink burger and the McChocolate french fries.

J.J. and I infrequently stop at McDonald's for a cup of coffee. Our main objective is to access free WiFi.

Aloha -- Cathi