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Monday, July 31, 2017

Bucket List

Aloha Everyone,

We all have our bucket list. Things we would like to do when we have more free time, more money, better health. Whatever your bucket list might be, get started on them now. Don't give excuses to delay. Our motto is if you can do it now, don't hold off until tomorrow. If you do not have the time, make the time. If you do not have sufficient funds, scale your activity down.

Whether it is purchasing a new house, new car, dream vacation, adjust your expectations until you can achieve it within your budget.

Some people think that two of us must be wealthy. Not really. We have given up a permanent home. We have given up a car. Both of these are now rolled up in one as Honu.  

We've always enjoyed traveling. Naturally, our bucket list heavily leans towards going somewhere. Travels stimulate our brains and energize our psyche.

Spain is one of the top European destinations on our bucket list. When J.J. and I are ready to travel to Spain, we will be more prepared after finishing Rick Steves' Best of Spain. I am eagerly pouring over the pages, re-familiarizing ourselves with this glorious country. The country known for its massive cathedrals, Moorish palaces, world-class art, sumptuous national dishes. The country that is rich with history and culture. And the country where J.J. traces a part of his root and where he lived early days of his life.

Aloha -- Cathi