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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

KOA Campgrounds - Explanation and Our Thoughts

Aloha Everyone,

Our friends with two pre-school age children asked which camping sites are clean, safe and kids friendly. 

KOA Campground would be our recommendation. Based on the KOA directory, there are over 485 sites located across North America. These KOA Campgrounds are franchise operations. While the franchisees have to adhere to set guidelines including basic standard facilities and amenities, each is unique.

KOA Campgrounds range from basic RV and tent camping sites to ones with patios, meaning you will get a spacious wooden patio.  Many have individual picnic benches, upgraded bathroom facilities, pool, hot tub jacuzzi and rental cabins with private bathroom and clean and spacious laundry rooms.

KOA Journey - usually located near the highways and byways of North America. They are suitable for a night's stay on route to a destination.

KOA Holiday - designed for a longer stay. The ones J.J. and I stayed were located near national parks, state parks or other local attractions. These may overlap with KOA Journey. 

KOA Resort - these campgrounds may be found off the main tourist attractions but they are designed to be a vacation destination. Some have water parks, horseback ridings, lake for fishing and paddling, hiking trails, playgrounds, large convention facilities, exercise rooms, game rooms, stores and restaurants. 

KOA Resorts designated places charge higher and seem to attract campers who spend their week to a month-long summer holidays. Cost for Honu at KOA Campground can run from $35 up to $80 per night after applying a 10% membership discount. 

J.J. and I put safety on our priority list followed by clean and preferably upgraded bathroom facilities. During these hot summer days, shaded sites are desirable as well as reliable WiFi.

Prior to committing yourself for a night or longer stay, ask if you could inspect the bathhouse (showers and toilet).  

Happy camping!

Aloha -- Cathi