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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Four Personality Types

Aloha Everyone,

One of the useful business executive training courses J.J. and I took was how to recognize four basic personality types. By understanding how and even why people react to the same situation, we are able to associate with different people.

Generally people can be roughly categorized into four main personality types. They are:

1.  Analytical
  • positive - very deep, thoughtful, serious purposeful, orderly, organized, perfectionists, sets very high standards, economical, self-disciplined, have dry but witty sense of humor 
  • negative - can be moody and critical
2.  Driver
  • positive - dynamic, active, exudes confidence, takes leadership positions, visionaries, sees big pictures 
  • negative - can be insensitive, unsympathetic, harsh, proud, and sarcastic

3.  Amiable
  • positive - patient, well-balanced sympathetic, kind, easy going and diplomatic
  • negative - stubborn and weak 

4.  Expressive
  • positive - generous, outgoing,  ambitious, charismatic, and persuasive
  • negative - disorganized, talkative and undisciplined
No one truly fit in one of the four categories. Chances are our personalities overlap two, three of even a combination of all four dominant personality types. Learning to recognize the strength and weakness of people, we can also come to understand our own and will help us better relate to people we meet on our travels.

Aloha -- Cathi