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Saturday, August 12, 2017


Aloha Everyone,

James Michener's IBERIA (Spain) and TEXAS are the newest books we ordered from Amazon to add to our very selective onboard library. Last night when we got together with our son's colleague and family friends, Dan and Diana at Amardeen Cafe Lebanese & Middle Eastern Restaurant, Dan kindly invited us to contact him if we come across anything that sounds like a tall tale in the novel, TEXAS. Dan and Diana are recent transplants from Texas and we often exchange travel experiences.

I have yet to read the novel, TEXAS, or seen the film adaptation done in 1994. It is a 1,429 page book and I probably will start on it before we return to the wide open land to spend a part of next winter. 

In comparison, IBERIA with 920 pages seems a lot friendlier to get started. I read this novel years ago prior to our first travel through Spain. Some characters, places and events described in the novel have been etched in my brain like indelible ink and would love to revisit them again.

Since arriving in La Jolla, our granddaughter also suggested for me to read "How To Train Your Dragon" books. Written and imaginatively illustrated by Cressida Cowell, this misadventure series consists of 12 books. I have been trying to finish one book a day, but realistically, I don't think I would be able to complete the series even though I am a fast reader. Beside, I need to allocate my time listening to our granddaughter's flute practice, for play time with various invented games, participate in her story time with her father and just enjoy each other's company.

Aloha -- Cathi