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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Greens Peak Lookout

Aloha Everyone,

Approach to Greens Peak is very picturesque. James drove the car through Navajo Tribal land then off road through land under the Bureau of Land Management.

Greens Peak stands among a set of rounded knolls, north of Mount Baldy in the White Mountains. I thought it was named Greens Peak because it towers over meadows with bright yellow flowers. But the truth is that it was named after Major John Green, a principal figure in the building of Fort Apache.

Through the unpacked, bumpy old volcanic field, we went towards the Peak dominated by communication towers on its summit.

The panoramic view of the valley below was spectacular.

The second activity was for James to fly his drone. This is my very first close-up of drone flying. Amazing how it can be controlled remotely, although it requires practice. James confided that he had lost one drone which flew and landed in a grove and it was never recovered.

The steakhouse was closed because today is Sunday. Bunny & James suggested going to "The House," a former house converted to a family-style basic hamburger and limited menu restaurant. Food was excellent, our conversation flowed easily while sitting in a shaded patio chairs under a large umbrella. It was a wonderful way to enjoy our Sunday lunch.

Aloha -- Cathi