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Saturday, August 5, 2017

In Honolulu Use of Cellphone In Crosswalk Will Be Illegal

Aloha Everyone,
Yes J.J. and I can attest that Hawaii is a paradise. Beautiful weather; incredible sceneries; fabulous beaches with water sports you can engage in year around; dining experiences; and hospitable people.  
But there is a cost to living in a paradise. It is becoming even more restrictive with all kinds of rules and regulations. Starting on October 25, it would be illegal for pedestrians to use mobile electronic device while crossing a street or highway in Honolulu.
According to the Honolulu mayor, the new ordinance called, "distracted pedestrian" law is necessary because so many people in the city are hit by vehicles at crosswalks.
To enforce, the police will have to spot pedestrians in a crosswalk looking at their devices.
$15 to $35 fines for the first offense, $35 to $75 for the second, and $75 to $99 for the third. It would be interesting for us to see if any other large cities in the country would follow Honolulu's lead. For in depth reading, go to: 
Aloha -- Cathi